Village Basari, NH 75, Near Khajuraho
Dist. Chhatarpur, M.P., INDIA

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What to do | Local attractions

Arya Hammeer Garhi is a village Resort.

Built right within a culturally vibrant village representing the true ethnic colours of the region called Bundelkhand, it invariably and unmistakably introduces its guests to “real India” – agrarian, developing, concentrated in villages and bound in its customs, traditions and beliefs

While you are at Arya Hameer Garhi, there are lots of things you could do locally. Some of them are suggested as under :.

  • Boating
  • Arya Hammeer Garhi has two interconnected lakes – the Raj Talaiya (King’s Lake) and Imaliya Taal. You can take comfortable 4seater pedal boats and explore the village, agricultural farms and local landscaping around these water bodies on your own.

  • Angling
  • What’s better than to fit into your tropical clothes, adorn a hat, get some delicacies packed and set out to spend time along one of the three lakes catching fishes! The local species like Rohu, Katla and Saunr are sure to delight you.

  • The Cenotaphs (Chhatris)
  • Arya Hammeer Garhi is about 350 years old. Many of its ex-residents – the descendants of King Hammeer dev – rests in peace in the numerous cenotaphs built right outside the village. A must see..

  • Village walk
  • Want to experience real India first-hand? India resides in its 7.5 million villages. While here, you can explore one on your own. Set out on an individual or guided tour of the village. Walk through its streets, see the local lifestyle, mud thatched houses with terracotta roofs and earthen walls & floors, co-existence with cattle, use of cow-dung as fuel, local age-old agrarian practises………this is a journey to a different world all-together

  • Cycle Treks
  • Explore the village, its surroundings, the three lakes, rugged hills, nearby villages, agricultural fields, local temples, and lots of other interesting places around on bicycle.

  • Horse riding
  • And for those who have a hang-over of the times gone by, here is your royal way to roam about and cover distances in style.

  • Agricultural farm visit
  • Visit one of the village farms and learn about the life of an Indian farmer. If interested, be one amongst them and lend a helping hand for a couple of hours as volunteer! There is no better way to understand countries, cultures and their people better

  • Star Gazing
  • When was the last time you saw a clear night sky? At Hammeer Garhi you have chance to refresh your memories or create new one. Fill your eyes with the sparkle of star-studded night sky which we normally miss in city life the world over. A mini telescope will help make your little adventure more fun.

  • Ethnic cultural programme
  • You are at the best place to enjoy ethnic dances and folk music in leisurely comforts. Bundelkhand – the region we are in – has a long standing tradition & culture of its own. Badhai, naurta, dhimariyai, kachiyai, akhara, many dance forms representing one rich culture! Let the dancer and art lover within you let loose.

  • Yoga
  • Experience one of the greatest gifts of India to the world – Yoga. Under expert guidance of our Yoga guru, try attaining the delicate balance amidst your mind, body & soul. Add one good habit that would last your life time – and you would thank us for adding a few more healthy years to your life.

  • Indian Massage
  • Another Indian gift to the world – a perfect way to relax and recuperate. In your leisurely moments, try a relaxing massage with herbal oils.

  • Visit a local school
  • Children are our future.....the gift of God to the humankind! Visit a local school and see these little flowers blossoming in the light of knowledge. If the teacher within you overpowers you, school authorities and children won’t normally mind your taking a voluntary class.

  • Visit to artisan’s house
  • Once Indian art & craft was world renowned. Europe was a big market for the Indian handicrafts. Start of industrial revolution in Europe about two centuries back dethroned Indian artisans from the world market and largely resulted them to perish. But tradition of handicraft is still alive in India. At Village Basari, we are promoting bamboo-craft and other similar traditions to keep these heritage alive.

  • Sports (Outdoor & Indoor)
  • Enjoy badminton with your partner or football with the local guys. Play net cricket with your friends. Trying lawn tennis can be another fitness-oriented fun idea. Enjoy your drink with a game of pool. Chess, Carrom board and other indoor sports awaits too.

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